The 5 Best Camping Shoes: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024.

The 5 Best Camping Shoes: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

Picture the scene: You’ve just spent an exhausting day walking through beautiful landscapes, and now it’s time to kick off your hiking boots and relax at the campsite. But wait, you need the perfect pair of camp shoes to keep your feet comfortable and protected!

With so many options available, how do you know which one is the best for your needs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll explore the top 5 camping shoes for 2024 that cater to various outdoor activities and preferences.

The 5 Best Camping Shoes for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

A variety of camping shoes including sandals, clogs, slip-ons, and water shoes

No two adventurers are the same, which is why we’ve made a list of the best camp shoes for different needs, from versatile sandals to cozy cold weather slip-ons. Here are our top picks for various needs:

  • Best for Versatility: Teva Original Universal Sandals

  • Best for Everyday Wear: Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

  • Best for Cold Weather Camping: Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons

  • Best for Water Activities: Merrell Hydro Moc

  • Best for Minimalist Campers: VivoBarefoot

Our Pick
Best Camping Shoes: Teva Original Universal Sandals

Product Title

The Teva Original Universal Sandals are a great durable sandal. They dry quickly after getting wet, and are very comfortable sandals.

Teva Original Universal Sandals: Best for Versatility

Best Camping Shoes: Teva Original Universal Sandals

The Teva Original Universal Sandals are a great durable sandal. They dry quickly after getting wet, and are very comfortable sandals. You Have 2 straps that hook across your ankle and your forefoot. However, the straps have padding underneath for added comfort.

It has technology that helps treat and control foot odor. Lastly, it has rubber outsoles for added traction on wet surfaces. I have used them on multiple trips, and they never disappoint. The fit is spot on, and they are comfortable enough for casual day hikes or just lounging around the campsite.


Key Benefits

  • Rubber outsoles for traction

  • Comfortable

  • Quick access

  • Very durable


This sandals cost $54.95.


  • Comfort: 4.5/5

  • Durability: 4.5/5

  • Versatility: 5/5

  • Price: 4/5

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog: Best for Everyday Wear

A pair of Crocs Unisex Classic Clogs in a casual outdoor setting

Most people have heard of Crocs, but most people usually only wear them around the house. Crocs are frequently used for camping due to their comfort, versatility, and quick drying material.

Crocs are lightweight so it allow you to to truly relax at the campgrounds after a long hike. You can also clean them failry easy when they get dirty. Lastly, you can find a color of Crocs that fit your style the best. I truly recommend Crocs to anyone who wants a good shoe for their money. Crocs Unisex Classic Clogs have been my go-to camp shoes for years, and they make a great alternative to flip flops.

Key Benefits

  • Roomy

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Easy to clean and odor-resistant

  • Suitable for various activities

  • Holes in the top for ventilation


Crocs typically cost around $44.99.


  • Comfort: 5/5

  • Durability: 4/5

  • Style: 3/5

  • Price: 4.5/5

Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons: Best for Cold Weather Camping

Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons, ideal for cold weather camping, placed near a campfire

If you are camping out in a very cold enviornment, these camping shoes should be your choice. These shoes are made 100% from receclyed material. This is a big attraction for many environmental friendly people.

Though these shoes are not waterproof, they are water resistant. Meaning, if water is spilled on top of the shoe, most of it will bead off the material, however, if your foot is emerged in water, your feet will get wet.

These shoes are very comfortable shoe and I definitely recommend them to keep your feet warm. I have taken them on winter camping trips and hut trips, and they have kept my feet toasty warm without any issues.

Key Benefits

  • 100% recelyed material

  • Warm and cozy

  • Collapsible heels for easy slip-on


These shoes cost $79.95.


  • Warmth: 5/5

  • Comfort: 4.5/5

  • Sustainability: 4/5

  • Price: 3.5/5

Merrell Hydro Moc: Best for Water Activities

Merrell Hydro Moc, a water-friendly shoe, on a riverbank with water in the background

Similar to the feelings of Crocs, these shoes are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Due to EVA foam, it allows these shoes to be more durable when it comes to water.

The Merrell Hydro Moc’s are lightweight and have the most cushion on the sole out of all of their products. These close-toed foam shoes are perfect for river crossings and boating trips. I have used them for kayaking, and they have proven to be both lightweight and quick-drying.

The only downside is that they may not provide as much arch support as other options, but their performance in water activities more than makes up for it.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for water activities

  • Lightweight and quick drying

  • Stylish and durable design


These shoes cost $41.99.


  • Water Resistance: 5/5

  • Comfort: 4/5

  • Style: 4/5

  • Price: 4/5

VivoBarefoot III: Best for Minimalist Campers

VivoBarefoot III: Best for Minimalist Campers

The VivoBarefoot III are great unique type of shoe that offers protection of your feet, yet gives you a feeling of being barefoot. They are very comfortable yet feel very natural.

These shoes are also very environmentally friendly due to them being made with 10% algae biomass. It also has very good grip on the outsole of the shoe that allows you to grip onto slipiry sufaces. While they may not provide as much cushioning as other options, VivoBarefoot shoes are a great choice for minimalist campers looking for the best ultralight camp shoes.


Key Benefits

  • Minimalist design

  • Flexible and sustainable

  • Suitable for hiking and water crossings

  • Sustainable and regenerative materials


These shoes cost $120.


  • Minimalist Design: 5/5

  • Durability: 4/5

  • Sustainability: 4.5/5

  • Price: 3.5/5

Understanding Camping Shoe Essentials

After reviewing the top five camping shoes for 2024, let’s consider the key factors in selecting the ideal pair. Consider the essentials like:

  • Comfort

  • Fit

  • Material

  • Durability

  • Versatility

These factors will help you select the best hiking boots or tactical boots for your outdoor adventures.

Comfort and Fit

A person trying on comfortable hiking shoes with a focus on fit and comfort

Comfort is a important factor in any exceptional pair of camp shoes. After a long day of hiking, your feet deserve some rest and relaxation. A comfortable and secure fit is essential, as it provides the right support and protection for your feet while wearing camp shoes. When selecting other camp shoes, it’s usually best to choose a slightly larger size than your regular shoes, allowing your feet more room to breathe and preventing any discomfort.

Different brands and styles of trail runners may fit differently, so try on multiple options to find the one that fits you best. Some shoes, like Topo Athletic Ultraventure Pro, have a slimmer midfoot and heel, providing a better fit and performance for most users. Ensuring a proper fit will not only keep your feet comfortable but also help prevent injuries during your camping trip.

Material and Durability

The materials of camping shoes significantly affect their durability, water resistance, and breathability. Common materials include:

  • Rubber outsoles: provide comfort and durability

  • Mesh or fabric uppers: offer breathability for those not requiring waterproof shoes

  • Full-grain leather: highly durable and suitable for rough terrain

The choice of material will depend on your intended use and personal preferences. For example:

  • If you frequently encounter wet conditions or participate in water activities, choosing a waterproof materials will be wise.

  • On the other hand, if breathability is a priority, mesh or fabric materials will be more suitable.

  • Balancing durability and weight is also important, as lighter materials may not be as durable as their heavier counterparts.

Versatility and Use Case

The versatility of camping footwear, makes them suitable for a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, backpacking, and even relaxing around the campsite. When selecting the perfect pair of versatile camp shoes, consider your intended use and the specific features that will benefit your adventures. For example, if water activities are a priority, look for shoes with water drainage, breathability, and quick-drying features.

For cold weather camping, insulation and warmth are important factors to consider. Shoes with synthetic quilted insulation or felted wool will provide the necessary warmth and comfort during chilly conditions. Your choice of camp shoes should cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring high performance and enjoyment during your camping trip.

Weight and Packability

Consider weight and packability when selecting ultralight camp shoes, especially if you are a backpacker or thru-hiker going on a backpacking trip. Every ounce counts when carrying your gear, so opting for lightweight camp shoes can significantly reduce your pack weight. Additionally, shoes that are easy to pack and fold up will save space in your backpack.

On the flip side, car campers may prioritize durability and sturdiness over weight and packability. In this case, choosing a heavier, more durable shoe may be more beneficial. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your specific camping style and priorities, striking a balance between weight, durability, and comfort when selecting the most durable camp shoes.

Traction and Water Resistance

Traction and water resistance play an important role when it comes to the performance of camping shoes. Good traction ensures grip on various surfaces, from slippery rocks to muddy trails. Vibram outsoles, for example, offer excellent traction in different environments, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Water resistance is essential for keeping your feet dry in wet conditions, such as rain, snow, or river crossings. Choosing camping shoes with waterproof materials or water-resistant features will help protect your feet and keep you comfortable during your adventures. Balancing traction and water resistance will ensure the best performance, regardless of the terrain and conditions you face.

Warmth and Insulation

If you’re choosing camping shoes for cold weather adventures, consider warmth and insulation. Insulated shoes provide the necessary warmth to keep your feet comfortable and protected in chilly conditions. Common insulation materials include synthetic quilted insulation and felted wool, both of which are effective in retaining heat.

Breathability is another important aspect to consider, as it prevents your feet from becoming wet and soggy. Allowing your feet to breathe and dry out is essential, especially during cold weather camping. Choosing camping shoes with a balance of warmth, insulation, and breathability will ensure your feet stay cozy and comfortable during your winter outdoor activities.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect pair of camping shoes involves considering factors such as comfort, fit, material, durability, versatility, weight, packability, traction, water resistance, and warmth. Our top 5 camping shoes for 2024 cater to a range of outdoor enthusiasts and activities.

Hopefully with this knowledge, you can now confidently choose the best camping shoes to bring with you on your next adventure, ensuring comfort, protection, and enjoyment in the great outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do crocs weigh?

Crocs typically weigh around a pound, making them quite bulky and difficult to pack. They can range anywhere from 11 ounces up to 16 ounces depending on the size.

Can you hike in birkenstocks?

You can comfortably hike in Birkenstocks due to their cork footbed that molds to your feet, offering comfort and durability.

What shoes should you wear camping?

For camping and hiking, low-cut shoes are a great option if you don’t need ankle support. If you do, then look for a pair of hiking boots. Both should ensure you’re comfortable while out in nature.

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing camping shoes?

When choosing camping shoes, comfort should be your top priority to ensure your feet get the rest they need.

How do different materials affect the durability and weight of camping shoes?

Rubber outsoles provide comfort and durability, while mesh or fabric materials offer breathability and lighter weight. Full-grain leather is highly durable but generally heavier, so it’s important to consider the material when selecting camping shoes for optimum durability and weight.

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