About Me.

Hey, my name is Mike, and I am a full-time first responder who loves the great outdoors.

My Expertise: Outdoor information & First Responder information

My Experience: Living An Adventurous Outdoor Lifestyle since I was 12 Years Old & Being A First Responder For Half A Decade

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Mike. I enjoy writing about the great outdoors. More specifically, I enjoy writing about outdoor products, outdoor ideas, and outdoor occupations. I love researching new information about the outdoors, because I believe that sharing useful information to others is an act of service.

The Full Story About Mike

To begin, I was born into a loving family, and had parents that did the best they could for me. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old that I experienced my first camping trip, and it was love at first sight. I spent my childhood years playing outdoors with friends who I still am close with today.

My father was lover of basketball, so much so that he was a coach in local recreational leagues. This made it natural for me to also gravitate to the love of basketball. I played organized basketball for about seven years, and still follow the NBA to this day.

I graduated from high school and community college. In my early adult hood, I was able to experience camping several more times. Going to different locations such as Mt. Baldy, Oak Glen, Big Bear, and several more camp grounds. I was fortunate to be able to experience the traditional style of camping which involves pitching a tent and sleeping inside of it. These camping experiences allowed me to grow a deeper connection and appreciation to God’s created nature.

As with many early adults, I struggled deciding what I wanted to do as a career. I worked in several different warehouses, clothing stores, and fast food restaurants. However, these jobs never gave me fulfillment.

I decided in my mid twenties that I wanted to have a career that was outdoors, and that wasn’t in an office. I decided to make a career as a first responder. I now have over half a decade in this field and I loves it. This field has given me extensive knowledge and expertise in the life and experience of being first responder. I gained knowledge in the best products first responders should use, lifestyles they should adapt, and other helpful tips.

I now spends my free time spending time with my family and friends, exercising, playing video games, and learning different things about outdoor ideas and products. My desire is to share my expertise with people from all over, so that they can grow their experience and make smart purchases.

What I Talk About

Outdoor Products

Outdoor products or gear, are essential to anyone doing tasks outdoor. I provide information/ recommendations of the best products in the market. My goal is to provide accurate and informative information that you can use to make wise purchases. Additionally, my goal is to improve your quality of life with the information I provide.